zygi-lift Is a fully electric, rough-terrain, hand truck lifter. It can lift up to 180Kgr, it is truck-mounted and it's cost-effective.
Is designed for professional beekeepers and it suits to all outdoor and indoor beekeeping tasks

Technical specifications

Lifting Height: 1.50 meters.
Maximum load weight: 180 kgr.
Distance between front wheels: 67.5 cm.
Height:210 cm. Width: 99 cm. Length:70 to 103 cm (adjustable).
Weight with batteries: 90 kgr.
Battery autonomy time: 6 hours.
Supplied together with the charger.
Electromagnetic brake automatically activated.
Powerfull transaxle motor drive and chain lift drive.
Smooth operation.
2 handles to fully control the 2 motors with battery indicator.
Can be self loaded on a truck.
Adjustable and removable front wheels.
Space for a tool carriage box.
Adjustable forks distance.
Front wheels can be changed to casters for easier operation in warehouses (optional).
Zero emissions.
All components are made in EU.
Motors and controllers are made in Italy.
Wheels are made in Holland.
Lifting rails are made in Germany.
Patent protected design.



We use zygi-lift to all our harvests. It is an essentail tool for us. I highly recommend it.

Setementes georgios Professional Beekeeper

I was looking for an motor based hive lifter and I came across zygi-lift. I give it a chance. I am more than satisfied.

Marco Tullio Cicero Professional Beekeeper

We use it for all our beekeeping tasks. At the apiary in harvests, in beehive transports and inside the warehouse.

Karalis nikolaos Professional Beekeeper

We harvest in more than 30 places each year and its very painfull. I highly recommend it.

STOUBOS GEORGIOS Professional Beekeeper

I currently own about 300 hives but I have terrible pains in my back. Zygi-lift has become my best mate!

MPYRITZAS KOSTAS Professional Beekeeper

I was a bit cautious at first but it totally worths.


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